Wishing You a Happy, Successful, Incredible Life!

This delightful book is a must for anyone who would love to have a reminder of how rich and wonderfully abundant your everyday life can be. Author Douglas Pagels has it right when he says, “Success is so much more than most people imagine it to be.” Every person who has a reason to feel grateful for the day, in some special way, already knows that money doesn’t always equate with happiness… but there are many things that do. In terms of real success, nothing compares with the priceless things that make us smile inside and that bring goodness and gratitude in our lives. Pagels’ wise, insightful words celebrate all the gifts that can bring us true and lasting happiness… the people we hold dear, the deeply meaningful ways we can be, and the beautiful blessings we can all receive. In a positive, supportive way, the author takes us through a wonderful checklist of the things that matter most, and he gives us a heartwarming look at all the things we have to look forward to.