What readers are saying

five columns of five cutout stars above five colored pencils“This is my first review of anything. I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t like (his work) so much… I’m absolutely sure I’ll read it again and again. I’ve been spending all morning looking up Douglas Pagels and books he’s written… wanting to find more like this to read.” — Goodreads 5 stars

“An amazing tribute and a collection of heartwarming thoughts! I was honored to receive this book… and it has touched me in deep places.” — Amazon 5 stars

“The most inspiring quick read I’ve EVER read.” — Goodreads 5 stars

“Douglas Pagels has an amazingly heart touching way with words.” — Amazon 5 stars

“I have ordered many of these books and given them as gifts. Everyone has thanked me over and over. It is a book to read daily just to lift your spirits.” — Amazon 5 stars

“This is one of the best books I have ever purchased. I absolutely love it. The quotes are so awesome.” — Amazon 5 stars

“I read parts of this book every day. It has inspired me so much during a difficult time.” — Amazon 5 stars

“This book is amazing. It will melt your heart. I have purchased seven copies and given them as gifts and the recipients have all loved this book just as much as I. It is a must read and share.” — Amazon 5 stars

“Just what I needed when it mattered most.” — Goodreads 5 stars

“I love this book. Always a go to when I need positive words to help me get through the day. This book came highly recommended by my yoga instructor, and I can see why. A book to keep close at heart.” — Amazon 5 stars

“Undoubtedly a keepsake… that will be passed down between generations to come.” — Amazon 5 stars

“This is SUCH an amazing book… WORTH GETTING!” — Goodreads 5 stars

“Just give Douglas Pagels the credit. His thoughts are precious gems.” — Amazon 5 stars

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